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By: northgate

Raelin goes back to the harem with you dangling between her breasts in full sight and she makes sure that all the girls see you. "Look at the gift the sultan gave me. A little doll that looks just like him and it moves and talks too. It is an absolute wonder" at which all the girls nod in agreement. You yell for them to help you but they just giggle at you when Raelin tells them that you are so cute acting like you are the sultan.

She lies around playing with your naked body and showing you off most of the day and when lunch comes she take you with her. She removes her chain and dunks you in a large carafe of wine almost drowning you in it and then sucks the wine from your body making sure to get every last drop. She repeats this treatment getting you fairly drunk. When she decides to eat she leaves you by her side on the table. You try to escape but just get tangles in the chain necklace abd fall down at which cause the girls to all laugh. A couple girls take the opportunity to poke and prod at you and a black haired Egyptian looking beauty picks you up and examines you suspiciously before Raelin takes you back and refastens you around her neck and leaves.

Now she takes you to the harem's baths and she strips down so she is only wearing you you dangling from her necklace. She enters the pool which is the size of a medium sized swimming pool which starts at one end about a foot deep and drops to about 4 and a half feet at the other end. The water is warm and feels like it has a high mineral content. She works her way into the bath until the water is up to her breast and you. She dips down emerging you in the water for a few moments. You try to swim but the chain holds you down and when she emerges you are spitting out water.

"You could have drown me", you yell at her but she just laughs at you.

"Silly, you are safe as long as you are with me. I saw how that girl Samira was looking at you at the meal. Some of these girls like her would do terrible things to you.", she tells you as she dunks you again and laughs, "You are far too precious for me to let get hurt."

When she finishes bathing she drys herself and you and redresses and returns to ...

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