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By: northgate

You immediate seize the opportunity and try to mount her breasts and you find it a bit harder than you thought. Her breasts are larger than you and soft making climbing difficult. She giggles at your attempts and positions herself up a bit so she can watch the show. "Let me help you, tiny sultan", she purrs as she lifts you up between her fingertips and sets you atop her breast.

You hold on not to slide off and see she has positions you so her nipple is right in front of you. You lie across her breast so you can bring your mouth down to her nipple and take tip in her mouth licking and sucking on it.

This get Raelin turned on and she starts to breath heavily and rock around a bit from. It become like a riding a bucking bronco but you hold on as her nipple becomes erect from your treatment. She sweeps you up in her hand and gives you a big kiss before depositing you on her other breast for a repeat treatment. You continue until you are exhausted.

When you stop and she is satisfied she gives her boobs a little shake and you go tumbling into the valley between them. She brings her arms up and squeezes you between her mounds of flesh in a massive hug. She stands up and walks around the room still hugging you. "You are the most precious thing I have ever seen", she blushes as she releases you a bit.

"I'd like my ring back now", you tell her and she responds by walking over to the table where she left the ring. You can see it along with a jewelery box that is full of gold and jewels. She fingers through your jewelery box as nyou watch helplessly from between her breasts.

She lifts out a thin gold chain which is insignificant compared to many of the others but something that could be worn by a woman. "May I have this chain, sultan?", she asks you like your response would even mater.

"Yes, of course my dear", you respond and she puts you down on the table as she examines the chain with both hands. You see your chance and you make your way around the massive box to the other side of the table where the magic ring sits.

"This chain is nice but I need a nice jewel to adorn it", you hear her muses from above. "I know", she continues and just as you get to the ring you feel yourself being snatched up between her fingers and lifted in the air. She wraps the chain around your naked body and hangs it around her neck leaving you suspended again her chest situated just above the deep valley of her chest. She admires her work in the mirror fingering you at the same time.

"Stop this now", you order, "and give me my ring!" You watch as she responds by picking up the ring and looking it over before dropping it in the jewelery box and closing the heavy lid.

"Not yet, my little sultan.", she responds, "I want to show you off to my friends first." She dresses leaving you hanging just above her outfit and exposed. "This will be so much fun", she giggles as she leaves your chambers.

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