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By: northgate

You tell her to pleasure you and she smiles at the idea. She sits up next to you on the floor and you are amazed at how massive she is even sitting down next to you. Her hand sweeps down and picks you up and you find yourself laying on your back in the palm of her hand. She playfully tugs at you robes and exposes your body to her. She pulls at your tiny undergarments and removes them totally exposing you.

"What do you think you are doing?", you demand.

"Pleasuring my sultan as you ordered" she replies and she brings you up to her mouth and her tongue starts to play with your manhood bringing it to immediate attention. She gives your stiff member a little kiss and says, "Ohhh, you like Raelin's little kisses?".

You nod enthusiastically and she continues with earnest kissing and licking you. Her treatment is rtoo much and you grab youself and jerk off while she continues. She stops for a moment to watch you and when you let loose a massive load you licks it off with a single swipe of her tongue.

"Ummm, yummy.", she says. She carries you over to the bed and lays down and places you between her breasts.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. lay there and wait for her next move.
  2. decide to enjoy her breast next.

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