Joe takes the Redhead to his Private Chambers

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By: northgate

Joe decides to have fun with the redhead but first he will need his next wish. he gets the lamp and blows on it and a moment later the genie appears again.

"Ahhh, I see you are ready for your next wish, master", Jasmine says waiting and hoping maybe he'll make two wishes. She wants him to make both wishes quickly so she will be freed.

"I wish to be able to change my size at will", Joe tells the genie. "This is smart", he thinks, "Now I don't have to waste a wish on her restoring me back to normal."

Jasmine crosses her arms and blinks and a large golden ring with a deep red gem appears on his finger. "Just touch the stone and say what size you wish to be.", she tells him, "You can use it as many times as you wish."

Joe looks at the ring concerned. He thought she was going to give him a power to change size not a magic ring. "But what if my enemies possess the ring. Couldn't they use it against me?", he asks before she can leave again.

"I suppose", she replies", she replies, "but if no one knows about the ring then they won't be able to use it against you. They will just think you have a magic power."

"OK", Joe says satisfied that it will serve his purpose, "You may leave" and with that Jasmine disappears into a puff of smoke. He takes the lamp and turns to the redhead, "Follow me. We are going to have a fun afternoon.".

Joe heads to his royal bedchambers with the redhead following as he ordered her. "What is your name girl?", he asks as they walk the corridors.

"Raelin, your highness", she replies with her head bowed not sure what the mighty sultan has planned for her. These girls have feared the sultan in the past and although he may be acting different today there is no reason not to still fear him.

They get to the sultan's private chambers and he tells her to strip naked before him.

He can't get over her beauty as he watches her disrobe. She has long flowing red hair with loose curls and bight green eyes and a fair complexion. She turns away as she undresses and he gets a view of her perfect butt. She turns back to face him and he sees her closely trimmed pubic hair. He can't wait to climb all over her body. He touches the gem and says, "I wish to be four inches tall".

There is a flash of light and he now looking at her bare feet and ankles. He touches his hand and the ring is gone. He panics and looks around and sees it on the ground to his right however it is still full size. "It must not shrink with me. That damn tricky genie." He goes over to the ring but suddenly a hand comes out of the sky and picks it up before he can get to it. It is Raelin. She stands back up with the ring in her hand far out of his reach. "Give that back to me now", he orders.

She places it on a table far off the floor. "I'll put it there for safe keeping. You wouldn't want that to get lost now. You'd be tiny forever.", she says smiling. She returns and gets down on her knees so she can bring her face close to him, "Now what about that fun afternoon you promised me?", she asks with her sweet breath washing over him, "What would you like to do first?"

Your choices:

  1. Tell her to pleasure you
  2. Tell you you want to explore her body

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