Taking Control of the Giantesses

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By: northgate

Joe is surrounded by five beautiful harem girls which would be great except for the fact that they are close to eighteen feet tall and have him surrounded. They are ignoring him and focusing in on their conversation about who should get him first to play with. Joe is a little flustered by all of this and raises his voice to command them. "I am your sultan", he roars in his most royal voice he can muster given the circumstance, "You will obey me and stop this immediately."

His command has the right effect as they all stop talking and look down at him but the effect is momentary as after a short pause break out laughing at his attempt. A redhead grabs him by the arm and spins him around, "You are are pet little one. The sultan gave you to us when he took his first wife." She pulls Joe you out of the crowd of girls and over to a nearby chair.

"Damn cheating genie", Joe thinks, "She had to screw with me." But his thoughts are interrupted as the redhead has sat down and lifted him onto her lap. Joe struggles but it is hopeless as her size and strength far outmatches him.

"Our little pet needs to learn a lesson on who is in charge here", the redhead announces to the other girls who had followed her and now stand in front of her. She rolls Joe onto his stomach and lifts his garments exposing his behind. "This should show him his place". she says as she strikes his bared bottom with her open palm over and over. It is incredibly painful to Joe and he winches with each hit which only serves to increase her pleasure." She finally finishes and lets you roll to the floor at the feet of her fellow harem girls.

You look around and see that although there are things in the room that are normal size many of the chairs and tables are also much larger to accommodate these giantesses. It also seems that the harem has been cleared out and only these five larger than life girls remain here. You wonder how this came to be but your thoughts are short lived as the redhead decides you will....

Your choices:

  1. be her servant for the evening
  2. serve Lolita, a petite blond this evening

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