Jasmine hears Joe's Wish

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By: northgate

Jasmine hears his wish and there is a sudden puff of smoke and Joe is back to his normal size.

The genie smiles and says, "That is your third and final wish. I am free. I hope you enjoy your harem. Thank you for freeing me so quickly." The genie blinked again but nothing happened. She smiled and said farewell before disappearing with the lamp.

Joe looked around the massive harem chambers. "Well no genie and magic but at least I still have the kingdom and my harem.", he thought as he heard the chatter of a few of the girls returning.

Five girls entered the chamber and immediately came up to Joe surrounding him. He was stunned at what he saw. They were the same girls from before except they had grown to three times their normal size. He looked up at them towering over him since we didn't even come up to their waist.

The smiled down at him and one girl spoke up, "Let's play!" They all agreed and dropped to the floor around him. They began chattering and decided that

Your choices:

  1. They should all play with him at once
  2. They should take turns playing with him.

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