Abree and Dalla Argue Over You

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By: northgate

Dalla responds, "Why should you get him first?" being a bit annoyed that her friend should assume that is ok with her.

Abree laughs at her, "Because I've already got him in my hand and I got her to give us the key."

Dalla is annoyed and they start to argue back and forth about while Melek watches nearby. The fight escalates and Abree jumps on Dalla to wrestle you away. Dalla hold on you tightens and she is waving you around widely while Abree tries to grab you from her. Abree is getting the uper hand oim the fight and she hits Dalla and she looses her grip and you go flying in the air to certain harm.

Just as you start to head for the ground, Melek dives in and catches you. She gives you a quick kiss and hides you as other girls come up and the fight continues to escalate. The new girls surround them and start cheering as Melek rushes off with you.

She takes you to a private room and goes to a bed. She puts you on a pillow and lies on her stomach hovering over you and gives you a kiss. "You poor little guy. These girls are going to fight over you and I won't be able to protect you. Sooner or later they will hurt you and from what I just saw it will probably be sooner. What are we going to do?". She continues to kiss you which is really nice and relaxing and gives you a raging hard on. She see it and giggles playing with it with the tip of her pinkie. "I wish I could keep you a secert but they already know about you and soon everyone will."

She thinks for a minute and decides to ...

Your choices:

  1. Run away with you
  2. Take you to the Grand Vizier for help

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