Alphabetic Love Making

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By: northgate

"Alphabetical", you respond not quite sure what prompted you to that answer.

Before you can catch your breath Abree grabs you up in her hands and hold you up to her face. Smiling at you she says, "I knew you liked me little one and I realy can't wait to have you pleasuring me." She sit down on the bed with her legs spread out and places you in front of her cleanly shaven pussy. "I'm a no nonsense girl. Get on your hands and knees and start kissing.", she tells you.

You start to protest but she brings her smooth tan legs together and the her thighs slam into you and squeeze the breath out of you. She soaks in the power over the once powerful sultan before releasing you from the grip of her flesh. "Shut up and get to work", she commands and you quickly comply this time.

Dalla puts her hand on Melak's shoulder and says, "Let's sit back and watch how this turns out. The night is young and we'll still get our turn".

You crawl up to her Abree's pussy that towers over you and use your arms to spread her open and see she is already moist with anticipation of having you. Reluctantly you kiss her and find her magic spot and rub it and she barks at you to stop playing with it and kiss it. "Use your tongue", she orders. You comply not wanted to get squeezed again especially in this position. She picks you up and uses her hair to play with herself before lying back and putting you back down by her pussy for another round of kisses.

After a long session you think you are finally done when you hear Dalla tell Malek to watch how it is done. You groan knowing what is coming as Dalla comes over to the bed, climbs on top of her friend and start kissing her. You try to make a quiet escape but Dalla sees you and grabs you up. She sits up and looks you over and decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. Use you to herself
  2. Have a real three way with Abree

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