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By: superfan

"A three way?" you echo (in unintentional unison with Melek and Abree).

"What better to cement our little partnership," replies Dalla, with a grin: "...than to have group sex with our little partner?"

Abree and Melek like this mental image. You can tell by the way all three of them smile down at you like hungry sharks. An hour later, you and the birdcage are in Melek's room. And, your lower half is beginning to get aroused as you watch these three gorgeous giantesses undress in front of you!

"Do you like what you see, Little Sultan?" asks Dalla, grinning once more.

You blush and reluctantly nod. And, all three harem girls laugh.

Finally, they finish undressing. Whereupon, they take you out of the cage. And, they ask you how you would like to proceed.

Your choices:

  1. "Would you prefer we make love to you, alphabetically?"
  2. "Or, should Melek start things off, seeing as she found you first?"

Retrieved September 13, 2016