Melek Returns Looking For You

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By: northgate

Melek returns and sees the cage missing and starts to look around thinking it may have fallen. The two girls look at each other acknowledging that she must be the girl you were taking about. The blond who has a good five inches on her goes over to her. "Hi Melek", she says coyly, "What are you looking for?"

Melek knows better than to let this girl in on her secret. "Nothing really, Dalla. I lost a bracelet and I thought it might be around here."

You watch this transaction and think to yourself, "At least I now know her name is Dalla." You see Dalla looking at Melek assuming a dominate pose in front of her.

Della says, "Come on. I know what you are looking for and I can help you."

"Really?", Melek exclaims letting any chance of keeping a secret go, "Where is he?"

"Oh I'll show you but I want the key first", Della tells her.

The brunette that has been guarding you gets up and comes up behind Melak. "Come on Melak, show us the key and we'll let you see him."

Melek spins around to see these two girls have her surrounded and will not let her be. "How do I know you'll show him to me, Abree", she asks the brunette, "If I give you the key, you could keep him for yourself."

Abree replies, "If you don't give us the key we'll show him to everybody and they won't be happy you kept a secret from them. If you give us the key, we'll keep it a secret between the three of us and we'll let you have time with him after we take our turns."

Melek reluctantly removed the key and chain from around her neck and hands it to Abree. The two friends rush over to the pillows where you are hidden with Melek following and use the key to release you.

Abree holds you in her fist and looks at you closely. "There, I finally have you. We are going to be such good friends.", she smiles, "I can't wait for some private time with you."

Her friend, Dalla responds....

Your choices:

  1. "I think we should have a three way for tonight"
  2. "why should you get him first?"

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