Melek Leaves You Alone in a Birdcage

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By: northgate

Melek throws you a kiss and leaves you hanging helplessly in the bird cage. You try to figure out how to get out of this situation but it soon gets worse as two girls come by and spy you. The one girl has jet black shoulder length hair and her friend looks very similar like they could be cousins expect she has blond hair in the same hair style.

"It's the sultan!", exclaims the blond as she examines you through the cage bars trying to get the door open.

"Oooooo", says her friend, "He's so little. I bet he'd feel really good down here" and you look down and see she is fingering herself. She bites her lip while staring at you.

"You are so horny", the blond blurts out and the both laugh as they start trying to reach you poking their fingers through the cage bars. You try to avoid them but their four hands trying to poke and prod you leave you no where to hide. They fingers pull at your robes, leaving only your under shorts on you. They continue to giggle at you and coo and kiss at you like you are a bird in the cage. You tell them to stop but they just laugh to you.

"If you want us to stop, then tell us where the key is", the brunette tells you.

"I don't know", you explain, "the girl who locked me in here has it on a chain around her neck"

"What's her name?", the blond asks giving the cage a sideways shove and sending you flying side to side as the cage swings.

"I don't know", you yell back, "Please stop this. If I knew I would tell you".

"I've got an idea", the black haired beauty explains to her friend, "Let's take the cage and hide it and whoever comes back her looking for him will be our girl. Then we just need to take the key from her". She unhooks the cage and they carry it to a nearby corner. They put it down on the floor and prop up a couple large pillows to block it from view. They sit down and lean up against the pillows and wait talking to each other with some incredibly boring dribble about what the various girls in the harem have been doing or saying.

A long time goes by and then finally ....

Your choices:

  1. Melek returns with food for you
  2. Another random girl happens to come by instead

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