You Stay with Melek

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By: northgate

You decide to stay with Melek and fall asleep against her warm breast felling somewhat safe in her possession. You wake up and it is morning and you see Melek watching you sleep with a smile on her face. Once she sees you are awake, she scoops you up in her palm and brings you to her face. "Did my little sultan sleep well?"< she ask you. "Yes, I did", you tell her.

She lets out a little giggle and bring you closer to kiss your naked body. "You are so cute", she tells you as she continues to kiss you, "I want to keep you all for myself." She gives you a hug between her breasts and when she lets you out for air she asks, "DO you like my breasts, little sultan.

"Oh they are beautiful and the perfect size.", you tell her as you admire them. and she giggle again and gives you a big kiss that engulf your head. She sets you on the bed and tells you that she's going for the morning meal and to stay hidden in case anyone comes near here.. She tells you she'll be back soon and set you among the pillow of her bed.,

She dresses and leaves to get you food and drink and you lie back relaxing for once. Melek loves you and you think this may be OK as long as you can stay hidden .from the harem. She comes back as promised and gives you some bread and cheese to eat along with some water to wash it down. She stares at you eating fascinated at how tiny you are. When you are done eating, she washes you in a small bowl of warm water and lets you get redresses in your robes.

"I am expected to go to to bathes with the other girls this morning", she tells you, "I can't take you there and keep you hidden so you'll have to stay here and when I come back later we can play some more." She sets you back on the bed and you watch as she undresses and puts on a sheer silk robe to go to the bathes. She takes her undergarments and playfully drops them on you covering you. "There now you can stay hidden and dream about me.", she tells you with a laugh as she turns to leave.

You climb out from under her garments and up on to the pillows to relax for a while with a full belly. You are lying between the pillows dozing in an out for sometime when you hear a noise and see that it is a slave girl that has come to neaten things up. You dive deep into the pillows hoping you'll stay hidden from her view as she goes about cleaning.

Your choices:

  1. The slave girl notices you
  2. You stay undetected until she leaves

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