Melek Decides To Keep You

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By: northgate

Melek continues to play with you through the bars of the cage for a while until she changes her mind. "I can't leave you all alone in this cage. I don't know what might happen to you.", she says as she extracts the key and removes you. "I don't want you to get hurt because of me."

She takes you to a private room which must be her quarters and lays you on the bed. She gets on all fours hovering over you and looks you over with her dark eyes. Suddenly she swoops in and kisses you. She drops down and continues to kiss you. "I don't want to share you with the other girls", she tells you as she continues to kiss you and pull as your garments and kiss your chest and face, "I want you all to myself".

She pauses for a moment and looks you over with your cloths and hair messed up from her kisses. "Tell me sultan...", she asks, "Yes, I know you are the real sultan and not a doll. How did you come to be so small?"

You tell her it was the work of an evil genie and that the genie is gone and you need her help to regain control of the palace and this harem.

She smiles down at you, "Little sultan if you attempt to reveal yourself and take the throne your enemies will move in and you would not survive. You need to stay with me and I will keep you safe." Before you can react, she starts kissing you again and again. She continues to tug at your garments until you are naked before her. She smiles at her work and says, "I always wondered what the mighty sultan looked like under those royal robes. You are so cute." You are exposed and she sees your tiny hard on and she plays with it. "I know what this is", she says smiling at you,, "I have been learning how to bring you pleasure from some of the other girls. It means you like me and you like what I am doing." She swoops down again this time focusing her kisses on your member and the tip of her tongue playing with you until you cum. "Ohhhh, that is so cute", she exclaims and she licks it clean with a swipe of her tongue.

She sits up for a moment and loosens her top and exposes her breasts. They are a pleasant light cocoa color and they are petite compared to the other girl's you have seen so far but they are still bigger than what you could handle at your current size. She looks down at you and asks, "Do you like them?"

You nod enthusiastically and she lowers herself back down hovering her breasts directly over you for closer inspection and you lean up and kiss her nipple. She shudders at your touch and backs away. The feeling is new to her. She sits up and towers over you. "I'm sorry", she tells you, "I always dreamed of the day that we would finally be together and I would have the chance to please you. I just never expected it would be like this with you so small and helpless. I thought you would control me in your strong arms and I would follow your lead." She lays down on the bed on her side and pulls you close to her bare breast. "Don't worry sultan, I will learn how to pleasure you even if you are so small and I will keep you safe from the girls in this harem that would harm you." She clutches you tightly as she closes her eyes.

You lie there and think about what is happening. This girl has you trapped here and the genie is gone. There is little chance of getting restored in size and you have no idea what to do. To top it all off this girl is an inexperienced virgin which is a probably about as rare in this harem as it is in a Southern California college campus.

What do you do now?

Your choices:

  1. Find a harem girl that will help you regain your throne.
  2. Stay with Melek

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