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By: northgate

Melek one of the younger harem girls sees you and immediately grabs you up. "Ohhh, I little doll of the Sultan. It is so cute", she gushes over you.

"I am not a doll. I am the Sultan.", you tell her. You need to summon my royal guards.", you order her.

"Ahhhh, the little sultan doll can even talk. This is the most clever doll I have ever seen. I'm going to keep you for myself.". she tells you as she carries you off. You try to respond but she muffles you with her hand wrapped around your head hiding you as she takes you away.

She enters a small bare room and drops you to the floor as she look around in a small plain chest. You start to run away but she sees you from the corner of her eye and scampers across the floor on all fours till she is directly over you. She swats at you and you fall and she crouches down so her head is directly over you. "You are a bad little doll.", she tells you as you struggle to escape but her hand keeps knocking you down. "Now how will I keep you from running away?", she asks herself out loud, "I know exactly what to do."

She picks you up and retrieves a small brass lock from the chest. "This is perfect", she says as she exits the room and goes back to the main harem chamber.

She then carries you over to a side corner of the main room and you see what she has in mind. "No! I promise I won't run away.", you tell her, "I'll be good ."

She hold you up to her face and says, "I'm sorry, it's too late for that and she pushes you into a small hanging ornate birdcage. She closes the door and places the lock on it. "This way you'll be safe from the other girls and I can take you out a play with you I feel like it.", she tells you with her face up close to the bars smiling.

At your size the cage is a round room about five feet and exposed on all sides, the ceiling curved up about eight feet high. The floor is a grate but not large enough for your leg to fall through. The bars are not wide enough for you to fit through and even then you are suspended five feet off the ground which is like sixty feet to you. You soon find out the the bars are wide enough for Melek's finger which comes in and gives you a friendly poke.

"Now my little doll man is safe but no one can accuse me of not sharing ", she tells you as she threads the key onto a chain around her neck which she tucks in between her small but ample breasts.

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Your choices:

  1. Melek decides to stay and play with you
  2. Melek leaves you to the mercy of whoever comes along

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