Jasmine is Summoned from the lamp

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By: northgate

Jasmine is summoned from the lamp and since you are inside her you are pulled out too. You are still an inch tall and inside Jasmine but you can hear her go through the genie of the lamp and three wishes routine. Unfortunately you are too tiny to do anything but listen. You hear a girl's voice tell Jasmine that she want to be returned to her homeland and have unlimited riches and palace of her own.

Jasmine replies, "That was the fastest three wishes I ever heard anyone ask for" and blinks her eyes and the girl is magically transported home to her new riches and palace. "Now I'm finally free again", Jasmine shouts as you try to get free of her pussy and she feels you moving.

As you are trying to get out you suddenly see a huge finger come probing in which drags you out and you are back in Jasmine's palm. You look around and see you are in a private room in the palace that the girl must have brought the lamp so she wouldn't be seen. "I command you to make me big.", you tell her.

She laughs at you, "You're not my master anymore. I'm a free girl now and I don't think you are in a position to give anyone commands especially not me."

You realize she is right and you hope she will have pity on you. You get on your knees in her palm and plea, "Please make me big and return me to my harem."

Jasmine smiles down at you and says, "I'm off to the French Riviera and I can get all the full size guys I need to satisfy me. I guess I can do you do you a little favor" and she blinks at you.

There a flash and you look around and see you are back in the main harem chamber and Jasmine has made you bigger. The problem is she only grew you to six inches tall. You hear her voice fade away saying, "There you are little sultan. Perhaps now you will learn some humility".

Before you can react a shadow falls over you and you looks up to see ....

Your choices:

  1. Samira the Egyptian looking down at you
  2. Melek a young Turkish girl staring at you

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