Pleasuring Jasmine

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By: northgate

Jasmine looks you over and thinks about it. "You know as a genie I am denied all sexual pleasure. Even if you wished for it I can't grant that wish. It is my curse. But suddenly you are here and there and some possibilities I never had. It has been over a thousand years since I have been pleasured by a man. Too bad you are a inch tall."

Jasmine picks you up and deposits you in her palm and looks you over. At your size her palm is bigger than a king size bed. Suddenly, she smiles and says, "You know every girl has a magic button inside them even genies. Maybe there is something you can do for me."

She quickly pulls at her garments revealing herself and you are in awe and fear at the same time knowing what she is thinking. You scream, "No !" but nothing will stop her now as she lowers you down to her pussy.

"Now hang on tight and give me lots of kisses. I think I'd love you kissing my clit.", she says as she plunges you inside her next to her clitoris.

It is hot and dark and you grab on to whatever is nearby as her finger shakes you loose. "Ohh, that's right, little man. Now kiss it.", she orders from outside and you realize you are grabbing into the desired location.

You quickly obey knowing that your life depends on this giantess. In very little time, she gets wet and you try to keep from drowning in her fluids as she has orgasm after orgasm. You keep your treatment rubbing, kissing and licking her until you are about to pass out. When she finally calms down and rests, you get to rest but are still clinging to her clit hoping not to get drawn in any deeper inside her.

Suddenly your whole world starts to move and you realize ....

Your choices:

  1. she is being summoned from the lamp.
  2. her fingers are back to remove you from herself.

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