A Honey of a Treat

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By: northgate

She smiles at you and tells you it is time for your dinner. You are glad to hear she is thinking of feeding you until you see what she has in mind. She takes a dab of honey on her fingertip and opens her robes to expose her breasts. She then coats her nipple with the honey. Without another word she takes to a couch in a nearby room and sits with her legs up semi-reclining and sets you upon the sweet nipple. "Eat up, my little pet", she tells you.

It isn't exactly what you had in mind but you aren't complaining either and go to work licking up the honey off her now erect nipple. She is enjoying the show and she gives you a little shove and you fall forward and get trapped in the sticky mess yourself. Her hand comes lifts her breast up and suddenly you see her mouth and tongue approaching to lick herself along with you clean. She takes a few licks and then you are pulled into her mouth and it closes behind you as her tongue flips you over and over and she continues to suck on your body.

You are helpless when she decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. spit you out into her palm.
  2. swallow you whole.

Retrieved September 13, 2016