Adara Plays with You in the Kitchen

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By: northgate

This is not how you thought things would turn out. The genie is gone and you are less than an inch tall and alone with your new owner a former slave girl who has come into a new house and limitless fortunes. Things are not looking good for you.

Adara unfastens the necklace which your cage is attached to and dangles it in front of her face to check you out. She smiles in at you and you wonder what she is thinking but you don't need to wait too long as she takes you to a kitchen table and forces the cage door open sending you tumbling out to her waiting palm. She discards the necklace and her index finger descends upon you. You are forced onto your back as her finger stokes your tiny body playing with you. She continues you to play with you to her delight and you can't escape her finger that follows you where ever you try to go.

Finally she drops you down onto a linen napkin and you lay there exhausted. She get up and goes to the cupboard and comes back with glass of water. Without a word she drops you into the glass and now you are left trying to stay afloat in the cold water. But that is the least of your problems as she picks the glass up and starts to drink the water. Her pearly whites are not far away as you desperately scramble to stay away from her mouth. Just as it looks like there is no hope, she stops drinking and sets the glass down. She giggles at you and goes back to get other things and leaving you swimming the half full glass.

She comes back with ...

Your choices:

  1. a jar of honey
  2. the necklace and cage

Retrieved September 13, 2016