Jasmine is Called from the Lamp

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By: northgate

You oblige her massaging and kissing every toe. A couple time she thinks it is funny to grab you between her toes and squeeze you playfully. You can't believe that you had to accept that deal and you have to put yourself through all of this just for the reward of being caged. You finish and she keeps her word locking you in the tiny cage and hanging it from her neck. It is a long chain and you are dropped just below the hemline of her blouse between her breasts.

She goes to sleep and you sit there wondering how long it will be until she leaves the lamp again. How will you survive in here and will this genie keep her word? What other humiliations will you need to endure before you are freed. You don't have to wait to long to get your answer.

Outside the lamp a young slave girl named Adara has found the lamp and decided to clean it and put it on a shelf so no one will step on it. Adara is medium height and build with medium sized breasts. She has rich olive skin and shoulder length brown hair. Although she is a mere slave, her facial features are beautiful without any make-up. She tries to clean the lamp with a rag but that isn't good enough so she blows on it and rubs it trying to remove the age old grime. She is surprised when smoke emerges and she drops the lamp. Jasmine appears before her and says, "I am the genie of the lamp. You are granted three wishes."

Without hesitation, she replies, "I want a beautiful house of my own."

You try to yell out but Jasmine blinks and all three of you are transported to a new place. It is a lovely house overlooking a beach. Adara is overwhelmed by the gift and runs through the house. You want to yell to her but your voice is too tiny and she is too busy to hear you. You wonder for a moment if you are still in the kingdom or in some other place and time.

She finally comes back and without hesitation again says, "I wish for unlimited riches so I never will want for anything again." Jasmine blinks again and a small chest of gold coins appear.

"This chest will refill itself every night while you sleep", Jasmine tells here. You try to yell out but Adara has opened the chest and is loudly playing with the gold coins which is more money that she had ever seen in her lifetime. "And now what is your third wish after which I will be freed?", Jasmine asks.

"I don't know", Adara ponders, "Everything is so nice."

Jasmine is impatient being so close to her freedom. She lifts the chain exposing you in the golden cage to Adara. "Perhaps you would like a little friend to keep you company?", she asks.

Again you try to yell out to Adara but she responds loudly over your tiny voice, "Oh he is so cute. I wish I had him .....", she blurts out. "...Wait", she adds realizing what she just said but Jasmine quickly blinks and the chain, cage and you immediately appear around Adara's neck.

"Thank you", Jasmine smiles, "Your three wishes have been granted, I am free and rid of both of you." She and the lamp immediately disappear.

Adara lifts up the chain and looks in at you.

Your choices:

  1. Adara is not happy with you.
  2. Adara is overjoyed to now own you.

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