Jasmine's Offer

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By: northgate

"I think I'd like a massage", Jasmine tells you.

"No, I am still your master even if you don't have powers in here. I will not give you a massage and I order you to obey me"

Jasmine laughs at you. "Silly little man. You are not my master anymore. The next person to release me from the lamp will be my master and if you are lucky you may get a ride with me back to the outside world or maybe you'll be stuck in here for the rest of your life. However you are right about one thing, you aren't going to give me that massage. You are too small to rub down my shoulders and neck anyway but I'll find another use for you."

She goes over to a small chest across the room and extracts a gold chain with a tiny cage on the end and shows it to you. "Now here is the deal little one. If you are good and do what I say, I will wear this necklace with you so when I am called from the lamp you will get a chance to leave. If you refuse to cooperate, I will leave you locked away with my jewelry and you will have no chance to ever leave here. So what will it be?"

You know she has you and there is no choice so you agree to her terms. "Good", she replies, "Now we may be in here for a long time so you might as well start at the bottom and work your way up. You can start by massaging each of my toes and I want you to finish each one with a kiss." She removes her slippers and drops you next to her huge foot. You look at her wiggling toes and decide to

Your choices:

  1. Go to work. It's your only way out.
  2. Try to run away from her

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