Joe Enters the Magic Lamp

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By: northgate

Joe hangs on to her pants tight as everything starts to get fuzzy for a moment. As things start to take shape again, he loses his grip and falls hitting her foot on impact. She feels him and reaches down to grasp him with her delicate fingers and places him in her palm.

"My, my, what do we have here?", she asks smiling down at Joe.

Joe looks around and realizes he is no longer in the harem. "Hey, what happened? Where are we?", he asks Jasmine.

"You are in my lamp", she replies as her fingertip comes down and gently pets him on the head.

"How is the possible? Never mind, you need to make me big again, now!", he tells her impatiently.

"Well, little one. First, you are here by your own fault because you must have been on my body when I returned to the bottle. Second, I can't make you big because my magic doesn't work in here. The only way you can get out is if you are on my body when someone summons me from the bottle. You are trapped here with me until then. On the bright side I won't be lonely in here now that I have a little friend to keep me entertained"
She drops him on her pillow and he starts to run but there is nowhere to go and Jasmine just laughs at his fruitless attempts.

"So little man, what can you do to entertain me first. Would you like to give me a massage or should a pleasure myself with you?"

Your choices:

  1. A Massage
  2. Pleasure Her

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