Jasmine Doesn't Hear Joe

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By: northgate

Joe realizes that Jasmine does not hear his tiny voice and frantically tries to get her attention but shouting and waving works to no avail.

"I need to get her attntion now if I don't want to be a bug forever", Joe thinks and he races over to Jasmine and climbs up on her shoe. He frantically starts to climb up her satin pant legs as she continues to look around the room but not seeing anyone.

"I wonder what happened to that boy", Jasmine thinks and then she remembers and scans the floor around her for him but he is no where in site because he unbeknown to her he is climbing her satin pants.

Joe looks up and sees Jasmine cross her arms and blink and suddenly she begins to turn back to smoke and return to the lamp ...

Your choices:

  1. carrying Joe along with her
  2. leaving Joe nothing to hold and he falls to the ground

Retrieved September 13, 2016