Jasmine Finally Appears

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By: northgate

After five long minutes of shouting, Joe hears the lamp rumble.

Then, high above the lamp, a fog appeared and from Joe's perspective,the sight is truly amazing. Jasmine's beautiful long legs were rising behind the massive lamp. Above, he could see her beautiful breast floating in the white outfit. Higher still, he saw her beautiful eyes looking down at him, with a look of disgust.

She raised her right foot over the lamp and above Joe.

"Oh my god, she is going to crush me" Joe thinks and begins to panic.

However, her foot falls just inches from him. She then put both hands on her hips and looked down at Joe.

"WHO SUMMONS THE GENIE OF THE LAMP", Jasmine says annoyed that no one is around and apparently forgotten that she left you tiny sized.

Joe cups his hand and shouts, "It is I Joe the Sultan and I wish to get back to normal size" said Joe.

Your choices:

  1. Jasmine does not hear Joe's wish
  2. Jasmine hears Joe's Wish

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