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By: northgate

You know you have no choice as this girl will continue to punish you if you refuse her demands. She lies on her bed with pillows propping her up so she can look down at you between her legs. You look up at her and her breasts tower above you. She dips her finger in the wine and places her finger next to you to allow you a sip of wine before you get to work.

She watches you lick her finger dry and when you are done she gives you a little shove toward her giant pussy. "Get to work, my tiny sultan", she tells you with a giggle, "Do a good job and I'll give you all the wine you can drink."

You reach in and rub her in her most sensitive spots until she is starts to get moist. You hear her moan above and her index finger comes down and pushes you in deeper. She keeps her finger in place and plays with herself while you keeping going. This goes on for a while until she starts to rock frantically and shake you worse than any earthquake. Her moans get louder until she grabs a pillow to stifle her noise as she doesn't want to attract any attention.

When she is finally done she retracts her finger and you are able to break free and fall to the bed exhausted as she lies back panting and enjoying the afterglow. You look up and see her thighs towering above you and think about how small you are. "Why did I make that stupid wish", you think to yourself. You lay back and close your eyes happy to have a few minutes to relax even if you are a complete mess covered in Natalia's juices.

However your time is short lived as Natalia grabs you up between her index finger and thumb and holds you up to her beautiful face. "I did promise you a reward and you certainly earned it. She takes her wine glass with the other hand and tilts it but no enough to spill the wine. She drops you in and you slid to the bottom as she turns the glass back upright and you fall into a pool of wine. It is probably no more than a few sips for her but to you it is like a bath of wine. "There's your reward. All the wine you can drink and if you finish that I can get you some more":, she tells you as she sets the glass on a small table next to her bed and lays down to go to sleep.

You stand in your glass prison and see the sides curve in and are too tall for you to escape. You look down at your 'reward' which is a mix of wine, your sweat and Natalia's cum and it doesn't sound so great anymore. You sit down anyway wanting to drink yourself into oblivion so you can forget your circumstances for a while. You cup your hands and begin drinking hoping it will help you sleep. You drink handful after handful of wine until you finally pass out drunk.

It is late morning when you awaken and you look out through the glass and see....

Your choices:

  1. Natalia awake and getting ready to go to the baths
  2. A young slave girl clean Natalia's quarters

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