Tell Natalia the Redhead "Never"

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By: northgate

You yell back at Natalia, "Never will I be yours. You belong to me. Now take me back to the lamp."

She plucks you from her toes between her fingers and brings you right in front of her face. Her eyes stare at you and her face has a definite look of displeasure. "Didn't I tell you that you should be nicer for one so small. I think your brain most have shrunk too", she laughs softly. "Let review the situation. You are shrunk to one inch tall by a genie and I am the only person who knows what happened and what you need to be restored. I ask you to be nice and you continue to order me around even when I'm more than 100 times your size and could crush you between my fingers like a tiny grape. Did I get that all right? Now what do you want to tell me now?"

You think for a minute and realize she is right and you need to change your approach. "I'm sorry Natalia. Please take me back to the genie's lamp and I'll reward you with the largest gem you have ever seen.

She thinks for a minute looking up in the air in lost in thought. Finally she says, "No... I think one apology is only the first step. You still need to learn your proper place. When I think you have learned some respect for women I'll consider letting you have the lamp but for now I'll hide it somewhere safe so no one else messes with it. But first I need to put you someplace safe for you to think about your manners and I know just the place" She pulls aside her undergarment and exposes her already moist pussy and slips you in. "Now behave yourself in there and do whatever I tell you. If you misbehave, my toes will seem like paradise. She leaves you alone inside her while she quickly hides the lamp and get a glass of wine to enjoy back in her private quarters.

You get tossed around a bit while she hides the lamp but you are no worse for wear except feeling hot and squeezed inside her. You struggle a bit and you here her say, "Slow down there little guy. We have all night."

She returns to the room and reclines in a large chair and takes a long sip of the wine. "Now start slow with lots of tiny kisses, my pet", she tells you and you ...

Your choices:

  1. Comply to her wishes
  2. Refuse her again

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