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By: northgate

You frowns at you. "You should be much nicer for one so small. I think you need a punishment to teach you to be nicer to me.", she says. She thinks for a moment and continues, " I know what will fix your attitude." She reaches down and removes her satin slipper and then places you in the space between her first and second toe.

You howl for her to stop but she just laughes at your pleas.

"I told you you should be nicer", she tells you as she puts the slipper back on trapping you inside. Just when you think it can't get any worse she stands up and walks back to the main room for their harem's meal. Each step pounds your body and you think you'll never survive.

She sits at the table to eat with the rest of the harem and you can hear her chatting with the other girls and eating. You are hungry yourself but you already know she isn't going to share with you. To add insult to injury, she wiggles her toes occasionally squeezing you even more.

After hours of torture she finally brings you back to her bedchambers and removes the slipper. She brings her foot over her other leg to get a good look at you helplessly stuck between her toes and smiles, "You should have pleasured me as I asked you and then I would have taken you to your lamp. But since you were so nasty, I've decided you need to remain my tiny slave. Do you agree to give yourself to me, little one?"

You ...

Your choices:

  1. are beaten down and agree.
  2. are defiant and tell her "Never"

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