Zavia Choses a.Lower Altitude

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By: northgate

"I have an interesting idea for you", she purrs as she extracts a long gold chain. She attaches you to it and then loops it around her waist. She lies back on the bed and you find yourself suspended by the chain just off the bed and in front of her shaved pussy. "Here is your opportunity to show me you're valuable and that I shouldn't get you over to Samira. She spreads her lips wide and pushes you inside.

You are inside her hot body facing her clit which is the size of a beach ball to you. Her finger pokes at you and you take the hint and begin to rub her pulsing clitoris. You hear her moan and feel her shake and you know you're having an effect on her. You hear her outside telling you to lick and kiss her. You follow her lead and continue until you are exhausted. She falls asleep with you inside her and you work to extricate yourself to get some fresh air. Youmanage to get you but you are left hanging in front of her sopping wet pussy for the night.

Fortunately, she doesn't roll over through the night and crush you and you make it through the night. Unfortunately, in the morning she decides she wants a repeat performance before getting up for the day. She dresses and decides to keep you hanging from her belly chain for the day hidden inside her garments.

She goes to her morning breakfest where she sits down with her friend Samira and decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. turn you over to Samira
  2. keep you hidden away

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