Choose Chocolate Covered Slices of Passion Fruit

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By: northgate

You say "The Chocolate passion fruit, please" adding that last word to keep on her good side until you can fund a way to get returned to normal size. Meanwhile you are starving and love chocolate too.

Zavia picks up a piece that is about half your own size and holds it out in front of you between her fingertips. "Come and get it", she says smiling, "Maybe the passion fruit will make you even more passionate for my body today."

You approach it and need both arms to wrap around the fruit to take it from her. You sit down on the table and hold the fruit while you bite into the top. The soft chocolate and fruit gives way to your tiny mouth yielding a sweet mouthful.

Zavia watches you while enjoying her own breakfast and laughs at how you are eating the fruit. You are not even able to eat half of one piece before you are full and you drop the rest down and lay back satisfied. However, your rest is short lived as Zavia grabs you up between her fingers and hold you in front of her face. "My, my, you are a sticky mess.", she exclaims with a smirk observing the chocolate smeared all over your naked body, "I need to clean you off."

You struggle to get free as you see what she has in mind. She opens her mouth and brings you closer slowly and you see her tongue lick her lips. You are helpless while she lowers your legs and torso into her awaiting mouth. Her lips close on your torso and your legs and body are assaulted by her probing tongue. After the initial shock it actually feels good but the pleasure is short lived as her hand turn you around and you are inserted head first into her awaiting mouth. Her tongue washes over your head and torso and her saliva makes it difficult for you to breathe.

Finally you are released from her mouth and she drops you back to her breakfast tray as she finishes eating. She gets up from her breakfast leaving you behind to finish readying herself for the day. Then .....

Your choices:

  1. she comes back to you and decides to add you to her outfit for the day
  2. the serving girl returns and takes the breakfast tray with you on it away.

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