You COntinue Your Escape

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By: northgate

You finally catch a break when the girl picks up the bracelet and doesn't spot you hiding under the piece of silk. Once she leaves you peek out from under your hiding place to make sure the coast is clear. You think how ridiculous you must look, only an inch tall and hiding under a pink silk veil. You scamper out from under the silk and continue your journey. You don't think you'll ever find the lamp when suddenly you spot it ans quickly walk in its direction. However, this isn't going to be so simple. One of the younger harem girls is lounging next to the lamp practicing a small musical instrument that looks like a small flute. As you get closer, you watch as she notices the lamp and looks it over, but she doesn't rub it or blow on it. You stay far enough away not be be noticed and watch her. She looks the lamp over for a while but eventually puts it back down and resumes playing on her instrument.

You slowly approach until you are right next to the lamp. You try blowing on it but you are too small. You want to yell Jasmine's name but you don't want to alert this girl to your presence. Why did you decide to be this small? Even at four inches you would have been so much more able to do things but at the size of a bug you really are helpless. "Damn, I wish I was at least four inches", you mutter out in desperation.

Suddenly, the lamp starts to shake and you hear a feminine voice inside say, "Your wish is my command." and you instantly shoot up to four times your current height. "No No, I didn't mean to wish that. I want to take it back.", you say as you watch the lamp continue to shake and then disappear into a puff of smoke. "No No No, now I'll never get my height back", you lament.

At he same time all of the noise of you crying out and the lamp disappearing has caught the attention of the dark skinned Turkish girl sitting near you. She watches the whole scene in amazement and once the lamp vanishes she make her move. She reaches down behind you quietly and her finger close in curling around you torso and capturing you and lifting you to her smiling face. "My, my, a little naked sultan.", she says, "You are so cute."

"Put me down", you order, "I am still the sultan."

"As you wish", she answers giggling as she places you down next to her bare foot. She pivots her foot and slowly lowers the sole of her foot down over you. You face is positioned between the space between her first and second toe. "You are so small down there on the floor. Some might accidentally step on you", she giggles,"That would be so sad." She wriggle her toes in your face playing with you and asks, "You sure you don't want to come back up here and talk to me?"

"OK, OK, please don't step on me", you plea and she smiles at your response. She removes her foot and lifts you back up to her face in her fist. "Please help me", you continue, "If you can help me I'll give you anything you want."

"I only want one thing", she answers eying you up, "To return to my family that I was stolen from. I want you to write a decree freeing me and providing me passage back to my homeland with 1000 pieces of gold"

"OK, I'll do it.", you tell her figuring this is easier than anything else these girls want from you. "You just need to get me to someone in the court so I can tell them my wishes and they will make it happen. Take me to a guard and I will tell then to make it happen."

The girl goes to the exit of the harem and there is a eunuch outside the door. "Guard", you order, "Bring the Grand Vasier to me immediately."

The guard looks at you and then the girl and then back to you again a bit confused by your diminished stature and says....

Your choices:

  1. "Right away your excellency" and runs down the hall to fetch the Grand VIsier.
  2. "What is this some kind of trick with a puppet." forcing the girl back inside.

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