You escape Zavia

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By: northgate

"Fine", Zavia says in a huff, "If you won't play along with me you won't get these treats to eat. Instead you can have the dirt between my beautiful toes as your breakfast". With that comment, she picks you your minuscule body and drops on to the floor next to her awaiting foot which she has slipped out of her sandal. "Now go to work. I want those toes clean and you to have a nice full belly."

You approach her foot and look between her toes but there is no way you want to lick that sweat and dirt. You decide the best course of action is to run away and hope to find a way to get to Jasmine and be returned to normal. However, at an inch tall this could be quite a task. Zavia is busy eating so you take off running away as fast as you can looking for some cover in case she realizes you are gone and starts to look for you.

You make it past some couches and pillows and you are far enough away that you're sure she won't find you and you can rest for a moment. You look around and the harem chambers are pretty big and you figure at your size it will be be like two or three miles to get back to where you left the lamp plus you can't go in a straight line in fear of being stepped on or found. You start walking carefully toward the direction you think the lamp is in.

You spend most of the day walking because you have to hide every time girls come near you. As one point you see Zavia casually looking around trying to find you without alerting any of the other girls but she is no where close to you. You do find a few crumbs of food along the way so you aren't totally hungry either.

It is getting late and there aren't many girls around and you've reach an open area across from where you left the lamp. You figure you are small enough that you won't be seen and the odds of getting stepped on are small. Otherwise you'll need to follow the room perimeter which will take several hours more. You begin crossing the room and as you past various huge objects that the girls left around the room that you marvel at. You see a gold bracelet which someone must of dropped and wonder how much that must weigh compared to you. Suddenly a shadow falls over you as the owner of the bracelet has returned to retrieve it and you are in plain sight. You dive out of the way and under a nearby silk hoping you haven't been seen by the girl above.

Your choices:

  1. Oh, oh, she sees you.
  2. You made a clean escape.

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