Natalia's Room

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By: northgate

You see a hole in the wall and you make a beeline to escape Lolitia's feet. You think anything would be better than this. You emerge in another room but it is dark. You stubble around but can not begin to find your way out. You come across something that is soft fabric and has a shape that you feel could offer some protection so you climb in and lie down on the soft fabric still thirsty but glad to be able to rest and you fall fast asleep.

Hours past and you sleep soundly only to be awaken to your bed shaking. You wake up suddenly and find your resting place was a harem girl's slipper. You are lifted in the air and looking in at you in Natalia, the redhead whose panties you started out with when you first shrunk. "My, my, if it isn't my little sultan. I see you found your way back to me like a good boy. This time I won't be so careless as to lose you.", she says as she fishes you out of her slipper and deposits you into her palm.

"You must help me and I will reward you", you tell her.

She laughs at your attempt/ "I am your mistress now don't you remember? Anyway how do I know you wouldn't trick me if I helped you?"

"No, no, you have my pledge and honor that I would not trick you. You will be rewarded with riches and your freedom."

"Hmm", she says as she thinks it over, "Perhaps I may help you but for now we have things to do. I missed you and have been thinking all the things I could be doing with you but for now let's start slow", she says as she loosens her robes and lies down with you. I want to start with you ....

Your choices:

  1. sucking my nipple
  2. back in my panties

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