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By: superfan

"They are very sore from all that bellydance practice. And, I want your little royal lips to soothe them. Starting with each and every toe!"

You decide to humor her. Partly, because you've no choice! And, partly, because---once on the floor---you'll be in a better position to run and hide from her, at the first opportunity. That, however, requires lulling this ditzy blonde giantess into a false sense of security.

By the time this whole line of reasoning has run through your head, you are on the floor. Whereupon, Lolita tells you to start with the big toe of her left foot.

"And, remember: keep on kissing it, until I tell you to stop!"

You do this for the next ten minutes, losing count of how many times you absorb the taste of salty sweat from beneath her toenail. Then, she orders you to do the same to the next toe, without even offering you a drink of water. Close to an hour later, you're done with her left foot.

That's when you hoarsely shout up to her, requesting a long drink of water before continuing.

"Very well," she giggles: "Since you did such a delightful job on my left foot, I will grant you fifteen minutes rest. But, you must wait right here, until I return with the water! Promise?"

You do so. Whereupon, she walks off. Yet, as soon as she's out of sight ...,

Your choices:

  1. make a beeline for the nearest exit that's just your size.
  2. ...Zavia comes looking for your overdue little ass.

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