Tickle Torture with Lolita

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By: northgate

Lolita continues to tickle you getting great pleasure watching you squirm around trying to get away from her. She is really proficient at this and her manicured fingernails find your most ticklish spots below your waist and you get a raging hard-on that she noticed and uses to tease you mercilessly.

You plea with her to stop that just eggs her on to tickle you more playing with the soles of you feet. "Please stop", you beg her.

"What will you give me if I stop?", she asks as she hesitates for a moment, "and before you answer it better be good or I will tickle you even more, maybe till you pass out."

You think for a minute and tell her, "We can go to my quarters and you can pick out the anything from my personal jewels. There are many things there a girl like you would love to have."

"Hmm", she ponders your offer, "Ok, a jewel of my choice and I will stop tickling you but this better not be a trick or I will have to teach you a lesson."

She carries you securely through corridors or the palace to your quarters telling the guards that she had been summoned to appear before the sultan. Apparently this is not unusual and they allow her to pass. She enters your spacious private quarters and you direct her to a chest of jewelry that you have to reward your best harem girls. It is full of rings, chains and necklaces. She digs through the chest and extracts a chain with a huge emerald on the end. "I like this", she tells you as she fastens on her neck. Then she takes you and holds you up to the gem forcing you to grab it as she releases you leaving you hanging on and dangling on the end of the chain. She admires the jewelry and you hanging on her chest in the mirror. "I like you there", she says, "I think I'll keep you hanging on for a while."

"No No", you plea, "I can't hold on. I'll fall. You have to help me."

"Oh, I don't know.", she replies, "unless you want to make another deal."

"Please anything", you tell her as your grip on the jewel is loosening, "Just tell me what you want"

"OK", she replies as she plucks you from the jewel and hold you in her hand, "I want you to kiss me where ever I tell you for as long as I tell you. And you can start by kissing my ...

Your choices:

  1. my feet
  2. my pussy

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