Give in to Lolita's Demands

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By: northgate

You sigh knowing this girl isn't giving up until she gets what she wants and you still need her help to get back to normal. "Fine", you tell her, "Take me to the Grand Vizier and I will grant what you wish."

She carries you through the palace happily skipping along until she finds the Grand Vizier's area where he receives people. "Move aside", she barks at the guards, "I have a message from the sultan for the Grand Vizier" she tells the guards and they let her pass. "What kind of crappy security do I have that the guards would listen to some harem girl and let me enter. Must be part of Jasmine the genie's bizarre design of this place."

She enters and bows before the Grand Vizier who is busy reviewing some papers at his desk. "Excuse me but I bring the sultan with a message for you.", she says thrusting you forward in her fist.

"Grand Vizier", you say, "I order you to give this girl private quarters that exceeds that of any girl in my harem."

The Grand Vizier doesn't even look up and says, "Girl, stop this nonsense or I'll call the guards and have you flogged."

You don't understand his reactions and you say again, "Grand Vizier. I am the Sultan. You will do as I command."

This time the Grand Vizier looks up at the girl and says, "I don't know what your game is but I will give you five seconds to return to your harem or else I will be visiting the dungeon for a long time."

You realize what is happening and look up at Lolita and say, "I get it. It was your wish that you made. You said that everyone would ignore me and that is exactly what is happening. We need to get out of here and find the genie before you end up in a dungeon."

"You're right", she replies and leaves the Vizier muttering some comment about blonds. The two of you get back to her quarters and find the lamp. However this time she doesn't even give you a chance to try and summon the genie. She blows and rubs the lamp and the smoke emerges taking form of Jasmine.

"Wish to make me normal size this time and I will grant you what you desire.", you tell her but she seems to ignore you watching the genie form.

"Oh Mistress, what do you desire for your second wish?" Jasmine asks her ignoring your demands to be made full size again. Lolita being the ditsy blond she is says, "I want my own private quarters grander than any other girl here."

Jasmine smiles and says, "Why limit yourself to a private room when you can have a whole palace to yourself?"

"Yes!", Lolita exclaims, "That would be wonderful. I want that. I wish for this palace to be all mine for just me and my sultan."

You yell "NOOOO !!!" knowing that her foolish wishes will only cause more trouble but they continue to ignore you and Jasmine says, "as you wish" and blinks before turning back to smoke and reentering her magic lamp.

You look around and everything seems the same but you are worried by the way she worded the wish. Lolita picks you up and gives you a big kiss across your face. "Now I have my sultan and the entire palace as all mine", she tells you as she carries you out to the main area of the harem but it is completely deserted. "I wonder where everyone went", she asks, They were all here a few minutes ago when we walked by."

"It was your wish", you tell her, "You said you wanted the palace to be all yours so the genie got rid of everyone else. That is what I am trying to tell you. The genie will twist your wish somehow and it's never what you expect."

"That's fine", Lolita tells you as she carries you to a massive grand quarters that was your bedchamber but has now been transformed to be hers. I have you and that's all I need. Those girls were all bitches to me anyway." She lays down on the massive bed and drops you by her feet as she kicks off her slippers. "Now we have all the time we need to play and no one to ever interrupt us. I want you to kiss me all over, my little lover. You can start at my feet and work your way up nice and slow."

"I'm not doing that", you tell her, "We made a deal and you were suppose to make me normal again but all you did was waste the opportunity making stupid wishes that got us into this mess."

"Humph!", she replies visibly unset that you don't have the same enthusiasm as she does for your current situation. "We'll see about that", she says as she gets out of the bed and storms from the room leaving you alone. You think about hiding but getting down from the bed would be difficult and it wouldn't serve much of the purpose. You decide you need to convince her to use her final wish to set every thing back right including your size problem.

Just as you think you have it all figured out Lolita is back with the magic lamp and she stands over you triumphant. She smirks at you and starts to summon the genie. "Wait", you cry out to her, "You can't make another wish. You need to be very careful with what you say." Again she ignores you and focuses on Jasmine forming before her.

Jasmine asks, "Mistress that summoned me from the lamp, what is your third wish?"

Lolita doesn't hesitate for a second and blurts out, "I wish the little sultan was madly in love with me."

"Oh crap" is all you can think when she says that but there is a glimmer of hope when Jasmine tells her, "Love is a powerful magic in it's own kind and I cannot create or destroy it. You will need to wish for something else."

You start to speak to tell Lolita what she should do to set this all right but she speaks first saying, "Well since you can't make him love me then I wish that my little sultan will desire me sexually wanting nothing more than to pleasure me during all his waking hours and dream of nothing but me when he sleeps."

"That I can do", Jasmine tells her as she blinks and this time when she turns to smoke and returns to the lamp, the lamp disappears into thin air signalling the end of Lolita's wishes.

Lolita turns and faces you and you feel a glow over your whole body and suddenly you want nothing more than to kiss the giantess goddess in front of you. She smiles and lies down next to you. "Now about those kisses, My feet are still waiting." You immediately find all you can think of is pleasing her and you lunge for her feet covering her toes with kisses as she giggles at the treatment. "Go nice and slow and don't miss an inch she commands you, "We have all the time in the world now for you to find ways to pleasure me." You blindly obey having lost the will to resist and become her toy for the rest of your lives.

The End.

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