Lolita Shows You to Zavia and Other Girls

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By: northgate

Lolita picks you up and carries you back out to where Zavia is standing chatting with two other girls. Lolita goes up to them and says, "Look who I have." and hold you up for them to see.

The two girls barely notice you and Zavia says, "Can't you see we're talking here. Why don't you go away.."

Lolita is annoyed at the remark but is more interested in their reaction to you. "Don't you think the tiny sultan is pretty interesting", she asks trying to prompt a response from them.

"No", Zavia says even more annoyed by the interruption, "Why don't you and your little sultan go off and leave us alone."

This time Lolita takes the hint and takes you to a big round chair were she sits down and looks you over. "It looks like the genie wasn't lying. They could care less about you. Now about our deal. You still owe me my own private quarters and to be your only girl. I guess the genie took care of the second part. Now if you tell the Grand Vizier, we will be even.", she tells you.

You look up and her angered by her audacity to ruin your fantasy by making the other girls uninterested in you and not doing anything of help to you. You tell her, "What the hell are you talking about. I'm still tiny. You didn't help me at all."

"Yes, I did.", she replies, "I did exactly what you asked me. It's not my fault you can't call the genie because you are so tiny.". She is not happy with you and closes her hand encasing you in the hot dark flesh of her palm. You can still hear her voice as she says, "Now you are going to give me my reward or else.", she growls at you. She opens her palm giving you fresh air and stares down at you awaiting your response. "So what will it be?", she asks.

Your choices:

  1. Give in to her demands
  2. Refuse to cooperaite with her

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