Lolita Decides to Help You

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By: northgate

Lolita thinks about your offer and says, "I will help you if you make me your first girl and provide me with my own servants and quarters."

"Done", you quickly answer seeing you are close to a bargain with this girl and wanting to close the deal before Zavia returns to torture you more.

"Tell me where the lamp last was and what it looks like and I will bring it here", she tells you just as anxious for her reward.

You tell her and she dresses to leave. Before she leaves, she picks you up and deposits you in a vase that is several times your height. "You'll be safe in there", she tells you as she leaves you alone to search for the lamp.

It isn't long before she returns and she tips the vase over sending you tumbling out onto the table top and you are ready to give her a what for when you look up and see the lamp in front of you on the table. You run over to it and blow on it but again nothing happens and you realize your breath must not be strong enough to make it work.

Lolita watches you struggle and suggests that she try blowing on it. You try to protest but she ignores you, picks up the old lamp and blows on it. You know it was a mistake as you see the smoke emerge from the bottle and the genie takes shape. The genie turns to Lolita and shys, "What wish do you desire my mistress"

You try to protest but they both ignore you. Lolita isn't the smartest girl there and doesn't think before speaking. "I wish I would have this little guy all to myself and not have to share him with anyone." You yell "NO !!!!", but it is too late and Jasmine blinks. You look around and it appears nothing has changed. "what happened?", Lolita asks.

"No one will remember your little man ever existed and if they see him they will totally ignore him. He is all yours forever" and with that she disappears.

Lolita now turn her attention to you. "Looks like you'll be all mind now on", she says as she lowers her body so that her face is level with the table and right in front of you. You try to speak but she puffs up her cheeks and lets out a blast of air that knocks you over and laughs at you. She stands up to her full height and begins to loosen her garments. She takes you and places you on her bare nipple and you try to steady yourself afraid of falling but she is ready and puts on a garment that wraps her breasts and presses against her nipple and she finishes dressing.

"Now let's do a test and see if he genie is telling the truth", she says as she exits the room and heads for ...

Your choices:

  1. Zavia
  2. the dining room

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