Visiting Lolita's Quarters

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By: northgate

Lolita holds you tightly in her hand and carries you back to her quarters where she drops you on her bad and quickly strips down. "We don't have a lot of time together and I want to make the most of it", she tells you as she finishes striping down. She climbs in the bed and lays on her stomach and her large breasts fall on either side of you trapping you. She squeezes them together playfully locking you in a hug and almost smothering you. She releases the pressure and you fall back onto the bed on your back looking up at her. She moves down bringing her head even with you. "That felt nice but you are going to be going someplace that will fell even better", she tells you and her head swoops down giving you a a big wet kiss. You struggle get away but she follows up with two more kisses and giggles at your reaction.

"Wait a minute", you tell her, "I am the sultan and I can reward you with far more than a couple of hours of sex if you help me now."

She thinks about it for a minute and replies, "How will you reward me, sultan?"

"You can have favored status in the harem or you can have your freedom,", you tell her hoping that will be enough to win her over.

"And if I decide to help you what would I need to do?", she asks you thinking over your offer.

"I just need you to find an old oil lamp and bring me to it so I can restore my size.", you answer.

She thinks over your offer for a few more minutes and decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. She decides to help you
  2. She'd doesn't trust you and would rather stick with her original plan

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