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By: superfan

You gratefully gaze at the petite-yet-buxom blonde, who so courteously reminded you that Zavia now controls you. And, Zavia does not fail to notice this. Nor does she miss the blonde gazing back at you, with undisguised eagerness!

Zavia smiles and finishes her sentence: "...Lolita!"

The blonde dancing girl squeals with delight, her shoulder-length curls bouncing up and down as she runs forward to snatch you from the floor.

"Remember! You only have him for the remainder of the day. I expect him back in my bedroom fifteen minutes before bedtime."

"Yes, Zavia."

You are not even paying attention to this dialogue, as you are preoccupied with trying to think of a way to persuade Lolita to help you find Jasmine's lamp. Thus, you don't realize, until you get there, that Lolita has brought you to...

Your choices:

  1. ...her own quarters.
  2. ...a gazebo in the middle of a maze garden.

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