Zavia's Dance Class.

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By: northgate

She enters a side room where there are several girls waiting. She claps her hands and they line up and she walks the line inspecting them like a general inspecting the troops. She instructs them in moves and they practice with you swinging around all the while. Although this isn't the most comfortable place to be it could be far worse and you are getting a good view of these dancing harem girls.

They finally take a break in the class to get a drink of water and one of the girls notices Zavia's necklace and you struggling in the chains. "Ohh, what is that?" she asks. The other girls soon cirlce around looking at you in wonderment.

"Can I touch him?", one girl asks.

"Is a real?", another asks.

Soon they are all begging Zavia fro a chance to play with me and I get worried. Zavia was tough enough but six harem girls at once would be too much. With all this attention I wish I could just drop down into Zavia's cleavage and hide from their prying eyes.

"Let's have a contest girls.", Zavia tells them as she removes her chain from her neck and unravels me from it. "I will put on the music and you will all dance for my little monkey. I will pick the best dancer and she will get to spend time with the little guy for the rest of the day."

Without another word, Zavia drops me to the floor and I recover to see I am surrounded by six pairs of sexy bare feet. I look up and around to see they are all looking down at me and smiling anxious to capture the prize namely me. The music starts and they all begin dancing around me. Fortunately for me there circle is wide enough that I don't fear of being stepped on but still the vibration of six girls dancing near me was a bit unnerving. Meanwhile Zavia paced around the outside of their circle watching each girl. I want to just curl up into a ball from the vibration but instead I end up laying on my back staring up at their magnificent girls performing.

When the music ends they line back up and I find myself right in front of them. When Zavia isn't looking the original girl who spotted me moves her foot out and prods me with her toe. "You need to stand at attention too", she whispers to me illiciting giggles from the girl next to her.

I stand up just as Zavia comes back around to the front and she smiles at seeing me standing at attention like the students. "Good job, little monkey.", she says. "Now for the contest, the winner is....."

Your choices:

  1. A tall thin brunette with long sexy legs with kinky ideas for you
  2. A smaller full figured blond who can't wait to "play" with you

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