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By: superfan

As soon as you have finished eating, she smiles and stands back up, picking you up in her right hand.

"Satisfied, little one? Good! You can repay my kindness by helping me give bellydance lessons, today."

You look at her in puzzlement. How can you posibly help her teach bellydancing to the rest of the harem at your current size? You soon find out.

Taking you over to her jewelry box, she removes a solid gold chain with very tiny links. And, before you can say "Brendan Fraser," you are wrapped up in it, from shoulder to ankle, like an Egyptian mummy!

She then takes out two rings. One is positioned around your waist, like a form-fitting hula hoop. The other, slightly smaller in size, turns out to be more a clamp. And, this, she puts around your mouth like a metallic gag!!

Finally, she withdraws a second gold chain, identical to the first. This one, she threads from right to left, through the ring around your waist. She then lifts it--and you--up to her throat. As a result of fastening both ends behind her neck, you are left dangling just below and between her sequined bra.

She does a seductively slow undulation in a full-length mirror to see how she looks. And, your swaying back and forth, like a pendulum, makes her laugh.

Your choices:

  1. On to dance class.

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