Jump For a Chip

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By: northgate

Zavia laughs as you jump for the chip but she keeps it out of your reach. "Now screech like a little monkey too>", she tells you and you comply just wanting to get one chip. Finally, she hold it out right in front of you and you reach for it put she pulls away and you end up chasing it as she keeps it just ahead of you and out of reach. Then she lies it down on her thigh. "There you go little monkey. Now just climb up and the prize is yours"

You try climbing but you can't make it so you trek down to her ankle and climb up and work your way back up her leg. Just when you get on her knee she gives it a shake and you fall off and she laughs at you again, "Poor little monkey can't get his chip".

Then she changes positions laying down in front of you in front of you and places the chip in her mouth ans sticking out. You lunge to take it from her mouth but she sucks ir in leaving you with nothing. She munches on the chip and you must look dejected because she takes another one and let's you have it while cooing, "What a good monkey"

You finish eating and you find she has plans for you for the day..

Your choices:

  1. You will grace her breasts for the day
  2. You will grace her foot for the day.

Retrieved September 13, 2016