"...fried banana chips?"

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By: superfan

You look at the two dishes she gestures at, with her left hand.

The chocolate-covered slices of fruit look appetizing. But, they're as long as you are currently tall. Whereas, the fried banana chips are each about the size of a nickel. Making just one of them more than a full meal for your miniature mouth.

"I'd like one of the chips, please."

You add that last word to humor Zavia, which seems to have worked. For the belly-dancing giantess smiles as she picks up the top-most banana chip with her right hand, and lowers it toward your waiting arms. Unfortunately, just as your about to grab for it, she snatches it away!

"If you want to eat like a monkey, you must perform tricks like a monkey. Jump for your food, little monkey! Jump! JUMP!"

You have to admit to yourself that you're feeling very hungry. But, are you hungry enough to sacrifice your remaining dignity?

Your choices:

  1. Yes! So, you start jumping.
  2. No! You steadfastly refuse to jump.

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