The Next Morning

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By: superfan

You have a strange dream, just before you wake up. You dream that you are flying through the air, near a beautiful South Pacific island, just as free as the proverbial bird. Then, suddenly, you begin to lose altitude.

You're falling, straight down toward the ocean!

You wake up, sputtering water out of your mouth, while your giantess captor Zavia laughs and laughs. You realize, moments later, that she dropped you into a wash basin while you were still asleep. In fact, she has already bathed and dressed, while you were still asleep!

Lifting you out of the basin, she dries you off with a spare towel, before taking you over to the breakfast tray that the servants set up for her.

"Are you hungry, little one? I hope so. Because, after the wonderful time we had, last night, I am going to allow you to choose what you will eat for breakfast. Will it be..."

Your choices:

  1. "...fried banana chips?"
  2. "Or, chocolate-covered slices of passionfruit?"

Retrieved September 13, 2016