Zavia's Cleavage

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By: northgate

Zavia looks you over. "I think tonight you'll get the privilege of gracing my breasts. This time she takes a thin chain and wraps it around your body and you are easily entangled as she pulls it tight and holds you up dangling from the chain for inspection. "Hmmm, a promotion from being my toe ring. Congratulations!", she tells you as she places the chain around her lovely neck. She sits down and positions you over her bare breast and astride her nipple. You grab on to steady yourself and you see her looking down at you studying her handiwork.

"What are you waiting for?", she asks, "I want to feel your tiny tongue now!" She lightly brushes her finger tip around your perch to stimulate herself as you nervously watch. "I want to feel it now!", she roars at you and you go to work immediately licking and kissing her nipple for fear of her temper. You work as hard as you can and she lies back flat and lets out a noise that lets you know that she is enjoying your treatment.

After a while she positions you across the way on her other breast. "Look like you are pretty useful in sensitive spots, tiny", she tells you. After you have finally satisfied her, she rolls on her right side. "Time for some sleep. Maybe tomorrow morning, I'll let you try some other extra sensitive spots to see how you do", she tells you. You are dangling across her breast and she looks down at you again, "Hmmm, I think I have a better place for you", she tells you as she lifts her left breast and places you in her cleavage and drops the breast on top of you pinning you between what feels like thousands of pounds of hot flesh. You can't move but fortunately there is a space for you to get air.

The pressure is horrible as she quickly falls asleep leaving you trapped. The heat of her body is unbearable and you finally pass out from heat and exhaustion.

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