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By: superfan

Zavia marches toward the common area of the harem. What you would call an extra-big living room! In any case, every time she takes a step on the foot where you lie imprisoned, the vibrations jar your whole body. It gets worse, however, when she finally reaches the common area.

There, she begins to dance!

Now, you not only have the seismic vibrations from this giantess' feet wracking every nerve of your body, from top to bottom. You also have the rush of centrifigal force wrinkling your face like sculptor's clay! Until, at last, you mercifully black out.

The next thing you know, it feels like rain is drizzling on your face. But, it's really just Zavia, flicking water at you.

"Wakey-wakey, little sultan. It's time for me to go to bed, now. Samira is still mad at me. So, it looks like she is sleeping in your room, to try and punish me. I will not be lonely, however, with _you_ to sleep with me!"

"W-W-What?" you exclaim with mixed emotions, not daring to hope you heard, correctly.

"You are going to sleep with me! But, whereupon my person will it be?"

Your choices:

  1. "Within my cleavage?"
  2. "Or, do you prefer a...lower altitude?"

Retrieved September 13, 2016