Massage Zavia's Aching Feet

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By: northgate

You look over her gigantic feet (at least from your perspective) and know that this task is impossible. "Oh, mistress", you tell her hoping to get in her good graces, "My tiny manhood could never satisfy you beautiful feet. Perhaps there is something else I can do to satisty you?"

She looks down at you annoyed. "Fine, slave. You can use your whole body to massage my feet..... NOW!", she tells you and you know you don't have a moment to spare and climb aboard her awaiting foot and start trying to massage her big toe which is bigger than you are. You are working as hard as you can but it has little effect on her and she is annoyed by your ineffective massage.

You've moved on to her second toe hoping that it being smaller will make it easier for you but in the middle of your massage she repositions her leg and you hold on for your life. When she stops moving and your world calms for a moment, you find yourself hanging from her second toe facing the bottom of her foot. Things don't get any better when she brings the soles of her feet together and you are caught between the toes of both her feet. She laughs at your struggles as she kneads you between her toes.

When she stops she has you grasped between her first and second toes and holds you there helpless to move. She brings her face down to her feet and you realize how flexible she is. Her breath washes over you as she tells you, "You are worthless little slave. Your tiny body had no effect on me but perhaps I can find another use for you."

She releases her hold on you and takes you to a nearby table where she has a small jewelry box. She retrieves a small ring that she starts to work on. You wonder what she is up to but you don't have to wait long when she grabs you up and secures you to the ring with wire. A moment later you realize that hse has turned you into a ornament for her toe ring. She slips on a pair of sandals so you are exposed and goes out to circulate with the other girls and totally ignores you.

Zavia decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. show off her new toe ring to Samira
  2. keep you as her new toe ring for the rest of the day

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