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By: superfan

As she appears to be the dominant half of the couple, you pick Zavia, trying to get on her good side.

"A wise choice, little one. Provide, of course, you can satiate my appetites."

"With all due respect, mistress, I thought I just had."

"You hear that, Samira? He called me 'mistress!' As in, female master. Already, he knows who is in charge!"

"Oh, really!" her lover retorts: "We shall see about that."

Whereupon, Samira storms off in a huff. Yet, Zavia just ignores her. Instead, she picks you up and takes you to a guest-bedroom. Which, from the looks of it, is for those guests who are visiting female royalty!

She sits down on the bed, takes off her slippers, and then wriggles her toes in front of you.

"As your new mistress, little slave, I command you..."

Your choices:

  1. " massage my aching feet with your manhood!"
  2. Zavia is interupted by Samira's return...with the lamp!

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