Samira and Zavia Enjoy an Icy Treat

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By: northgate

Samira and Zavia remove the bowl from the chilled box and look at you encased in a hardened sweet treat up to your neck. Zavia removed the treat and holds it up to her mouth with you going in head first and starts to lick away at it. In the process her tongue racks over your head coating you in her saliva. You think you are done when she removes you from her mouth but it is only to give it over to Samira who repeats the treatment.

They take turns back and forth until the treat has been reduced down in size to a small block which Zavia drops in her mouth and you are subjected to be whirled around by her tongue as she sucks on the remaining candy until there is nothing left in her mouth but you which she continues to swirl around like a treat that she is savoring before swallowing.

Zavia spits you out into her palm and they both look down at you. "That was lot of fun .... not", she says sarcastically.

"Yeah", Samira adds, "I don't think you enjoyed being stimulated by our mouths. I don't think you appreciate us."

"You're right", Zavia tells her, "I have an idea so he can show us how much he appreciates our company." She looks down at you smiling and says, "You'll pick one of us that you will pleasure. If the girl you pick thinks you did a good job, she'll reward you but if you do meet her expectations then she'll turn you over to the girl you did not pick to do whatever she wishes to you. It puts the pressure on you little guy. You should try and pick the girl who will go easier on you. Too bad you don't know who that is and then if you fail you'll go to the girl that you just disappointed by not picking her. It's a tough choice so you better be careful."

You look up at the Hindustani Zavia and the Egyptian Samira trying to decide who would be easier on you and you start to think this is a lose-lose proposition . With another moment's thought you choose....

Your choices:

  1. Samira the Egyptian
  2. Zavia the Hindustani

Retrieved September 13, 2016