Falling in with Bisexual Bellydancers

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By: northgate

Samira of Egypt sees you and wastes no time in snatching you up. She smiles at you with an evil smile and drops you on the neckline of her top. You grab on knowing you may not be so lucky with your next fall and hold on tightly as she start to dance. You think your time is up with this dance but you get a foothold into the material and hang on.

Your luck isn't hold up as you see Zavia moving in. She saw you hanging for dear life and moves closer to dance up against Samira. Zavia is a bit shorter than Samira and her dark straight hair brushes against you as she dances against her friend. You start to lose your grip but Zavia saves you by plucking you off her friend between her fingertips. She parts her silk garments and reveals her undergarment covering her privates. She lowers you down and positions you so you now need to grab on to the fabric on her waistline to keep from falling into the inside of her undergarment. You hang on and look up to see Samira laughing at your peril.

You soon learn why she is laughing as Samira moves in and starts a slow grinding dance against Zavia pressing you between them and almost crushing you in the process. You fall inside her garment from the pressure against your body and when you land you find yourself tangled in Zavia's dark public hair. At least you are safe from falling further or being thrown.

Eventually they retire from dancing and Zavia extracts you from her pubic hair. You are in a private room with just her and Samira. She drops you in the palm on her hand and their two billboards sized faced eye you up. You can feel their hot breath over you and you wish you could hide from their piercing eyes. They discuss your fate and decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. have a three way with you
  2. torture you for their amusemnet

Retrieved September 13, 2016