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By: superfan

Somehow fighting the instinct to uselessly scream in terror, you tuck yourself into a fetal ball as you arc ever closer to the giant-sized (from your viewpoint) Persian rug. There are one or two jarring impacts that you're sure are going to leave bruises on your body for the next few day.s But, for the most part, you are unharmed as you bounce and somersault to a complete stop.

When you uncurl yourself, you look around and see that you landed in between the two belly dancers who were practicing their seductive undulations. Unfortunately, you recognize them as the pair that you mentally nicknamed "the Bisexual Twins." And, you are almost immediately noticed by the one who calls herself...

Your choices:

  1. ...Samira of Egypt!
  2. ...Zavia of Hindustan!

Retrieved September 13, 2016